About A11y Camp

What is it?

A11y Camp is an annual accessibility professional development event where people can come together, share and learn from each other, geek out, make friends, and add their own knowledge into the mix.

This year, it consists of two days of workshops: masterclasses with experienced professionals sharing their hard won insights with the accessibility community, and a one day conference with keynote talks from industry leaders and shorter talks by our peers in the accessibility community.

A11y Camp is about creating a digital world with no barriers, and is Australia’s largest event for professionals interested in digital accessibility and inclusive design.

Who runs it?

A11y Camp is run by A11y Bytes, a community of volunteers around Australia focused on raising the profile of digital accessibility and inclusive design.

A11y Camp grew out of a recognised need for an event more intensive and focused than A11y Bytes. Currently, A11y Camp alternates annually between Australia’s two largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney.

Who is it for?

A11y Camp is for everyone from seasoned professionals to those just dipping their toes in the accessibility waters, for people working for government departments, agencies and authorities, for people working solo or as part of team in corporate, commercial or small agency environments.

It’s for those whose job it is to know everything there is to know about digital accessibility right through to those who simply want to get a better understanding of just what accessibility is and how they can help to make it happen.

What can attendees expect?

Attendees can expect to learn from experienced professionals with deep understanding and newer trailblazers with innovative approaches, and to share their own experiences and learnings with their peers and colleagues in a focused and collegiate atmosphere.

They will emerge with a greater understanding of both the principles of accessibility and the techniques to put them into real action.