A11y Camp

Where human spirit and technology meet

A11y Camp is about creating a digital world with no barriers. It is Australia’s premier annual conference on digital accessibility and inclusion, where people can share, learn, geek out, and connect with their peers and colleagues.

(“A11y” is short for “accessibility”, 11 represents the number of letters between the letter a and the letter y.)

Wednesday 23 October 2024
Clarendon Auditorium
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Registrations for A11y Camp 2024 are now open!

A11y Camp returns!

After the challenges of the pandemic, we’re thrilled to announce that A11y Camp will be held in person at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre this year.

The 1-day conference will feature keynote addresses and presentations by accessibility professionals on topics from digital design and development through to policy and strategy.

The event will conclude with an opportunity for everyone to come together and connect in a fun, casual setting with a themed cocktail party.

If you are keen to dive deeper into accessibility and inclusion, there will also be 2 half-day workshops on Tuesday 22 October 2024. More information about the workshops will be coming soon.

A11y Camp 2019 Highlights

Want to get a taste of what A11y Camp is all about? You can watch videos of all the previous A11y Camp talks on the A11y Camp YouTube channel.