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A11y Camp 2022 Schedule

This year, A11y Camp presentations will be released over 2 days, airing live on Zoom before being released for on-demand viewing on the A11y Bytes YouTube channel. Presentations have been grouped into themes.

Presentations will be released between Thursday 3 November to Thursday 10 November (AEDT), with 20-minute live question and answer (Q&A) sessions with presenters.

Don’t forget to register for A11y Camp on Humanitix to receive updates and links to the Live Q&A sessions.

Day 1 – Thursday 3 November 2022

  Stream 1 Stream 2
9.45 am Welcome & Housekeeping Welcome & Housekeeping
Stream Stream A: Research Stream B: Engineering and technology
10.00 am – 10.40 am Meryl Evans – Why You Need to Involve Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in Research and Testing Steven Weitz – Accessible Player Experiences® – Designing for All Players
10.50 am – 11.10 am Della Churchill, Rachel Gallagher and Hannah Gossow – How (and why) to do effective inclusive co-design and research Russ Weakley – A deep dive into accessible notifications
11.20 am – 11.40 am Emma Goddard – Designing for digital exclusion: the forgotten ‘users’ Prae Songprasit – Not accessible – React told me off!
11.50 am – 12.10 pm Q&A (moderated by Sarah Pulis) Q&A (moderated by John Fu)
12.10 pm – 1 pm Lunch Lunch
Stream Stream A: Research Design Stream B: Training
1.00 pm – 1.40 pm Inez Litjens and Nick O’Sullivan – Research with marginalised people and people in crisis – a case study Greg Alchin and Sarah Pulis – Delivering engaging accessibility training at scale
1.50 pm – 2.10 pm Emma Pratt Richens – Looking Between the Extremes Jaunita George and Ben Feigel – How to create your very own role-based enterprise training program!
2.20 pm – 2.40 pm Emma Pratt Richens – continued Tess Hutley – Inclusive learning design for training
2.50 – 3.10 pm Q&A (combined with Stream B) Q&A (moderated by Russ Weakley)
3.10 pm – 3.20 pm Conclusion Conclusion


Day 2 – Thursday 10 November 2022

  Stream 1 Stream 2
9.45 am Welcome & Housekeeping
Stream Stream A: Standards and guidelines Stream B: Testing
10.00 am – 10.40 am Allison Ravenhall – What’s new in WCAG 2.2 Rob Whitaker – Mobile accessibility testing: Making it effective and efficient for everyone
10.50 am – 11.10 am Allison Ravenhall continued Steve Barnett – Sounds like a good idea: how to get started testing with a screen reader
11.20 am – 11.40 am Sheridan Winter – Accessibility and the Census Ross Mullen – Paying down your debt, third party UI controls and accessibility half truths
11.50 am – 12.10 pm Q&A (combined with Stream B) Q&A (moderated by Russ Weakley)
12.10 pm – 1 pm Lunch Lunch
1.00 pm – 3.00 pm Grinds my gears Grinds my gears

A11y Camp get-together – what grinds your gears

Time Melbourne Sydney
5.30 pm Doors open Doors open
6.00 pm Kick-off Kick-off
6.15 pm Part 1 Part 1
6.50 pm Break Break
7.20 pm Part 2 Part 2
8:00 pm Finish Finish